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'विकिक्वोट: कौल'

Placeholder page for conducting membership-wide polls, including administrator elections.

Use this page for proposing and conducting polls on Wikiquote that affect the entire membership. The polls should have a clear, concise question and a bounded set of choices.

Examples of polls suitable for this page are -

Please start your vote with word Support or Oppose in english.
This will be read by a steward from wikimedia foundation who may not know Marathi.

  • Featured Article Nomination

Please start your vote with word सहमत(Support) or असहमत (Oppose) in Marathi.
These polls are more of read by Marathi People so one can use Marathi.

Examples of polls unsuitable for this page are -

  • Opinions on meanings of words
  • Debates

To create a poll, enter the question as a second level heading using ==Short Description==. Enter your question, preferably in a single concise sentence. Then list choices that users can pick. Choices can be simple yes/no or others. When voting, use one of the choices provided as the first word of your response.

When conducting polls that involve entities outside of marathi wikipedia (such as an administrator nomination) please use English.

An example of a poll is provided here. Future editors - Do not remove this example when cleaning up the page. Wikiquote:कौल/जुनी कौल

प्रचालक आणि तांत्रिक प्रचालक पदासाठी विनंती (Request for Admin rights and interface-admins on[संपादन]

  • ह्या प्रकल्पाला पुर्नजिवित करण्यासाठी, मला ह्या प्रकल्पात मुळापासून बदल करून संदर्भासहित अनेक अवतरणे येथे आणायची इच्छा आहे. त्यासाठी मला येथे प्रचालक बनण्यात रस आहे. माझी मराठी विकिवरील योगदाने आपण येथे पाहू शकता आणि त्याचबरोबरीने मी इंग्रजीवरही योगदान देत असतो.
  • सध्या ह्या प्रकल्पाला प्रचालक नसल्याने आणि ही परिस्थीती दीर्घकाळ अस्तित्वात असल्याने एकूणच प्रकल्पाला अव्यवस्था आलेली दिसत आहे.
  • मी विद्यापीठीय विश्वात वावरल्याने अनेकदा अनेक अभ्यासकांची अवतरणे, विधाने अनेक चर्चांमधे मांडली जातात आणि त्यावर चर्चाही होते पण अशा विधानांचे एकत्रितरित्या सुनियोजित मांडणी मराठीतून होत असल्यास ते उपयोगाचे ठरेल. तेव्हा सध्याच्या पातळीवर मी काही काळासाठीची प्रचालक पदाची विनंती मेटाविकीवर करण्याचा विचार करित आहे. तेव्हा मी‌ मराठी विकिवरील सदस्यांना आणि येथील सक्रिय सदस्यांना मला पाठींबा देण्याचे आवाहन करित आहे. धन्यवाद! QueerEcofeminist (चर्चा) २०:२२, २ डिसेंबर २०१८ (UTC)

मी प्रस्तावित करित असलेली कामे[संपादन]

  • सर्व संकेतस्थळाचे मराठीत भाषांतर - interface translation into marathi, some parts and bits are yet to be translated in marathi.
  • सध्या अस्तित्वात असलेल्या पानांची आणि मजकूराची वर्गवारी, गुणवत्ता सुधारणे, नविन मजकूराची भर घालणे, - categorization, quality control of the existing control, introduction of new content.
  • नविन अवजारे, सायटोईड, संदर्भसंहिता, वर्ग उपकरण आणणे - Bringing new gadgets like citoid, reflinks, hot-cat to this wiki.
  • मी मराठी विकिच्या प्रसारासाठी महाराष्ट्रभर अनेक कार्यशाळा आणि संपादेथोन घेत असतो त्यामुळे ह्या प्रकल्पात मुळ सुधारणा केल्या की, आणखीन संपादकांना आवहन करणे सोपे जाईल. - Until this site and interface is updated and made user friendly, more editors would not see this site as a opportunity to contribute, I know this as I conduct workshops and edi-o-thons across Maharashtra.


आपण या प्रकल्पाला पुर्नजिवित कसे कराल याचे उदाहरण द्यावे --Tiven2240 (चर्चा) ०३:१४, ३ डिसेंबर २०१८ (UTC)
Candidate QueerEcofeminist. It looks very good for users like you who have come forward and taken steps to with a vision to improve and update this site. Just to brief you about some points on which you mentioned above.
  • Currently this project has no administrator nor active community or experienced user to guide. It looks great that you have taken a lead for it but I would like to advise you that interface translation are made via which are then updated on the current wiki. For more information about it you can have a look at
  • Installation of advanved gadgets such as Citoid etc is not priority on this project at this moment as I see there is just 48 content pages as of now here. The English wikiqoute which has 32,000+ pages still has no Citoid. You can approch the team once there is actual need and the community consensus. The team will assist you regarding the same. Till than some userscripts can help you personally adding citations.
  • Users are free to categorize and make edits on this project. There is no need for admin rights on for categorization and even creation of pages on this wiki. You are free to contribute and as well as free to invite people to help with it.
  • Whereas you have just 64 edits as of now in this project which thinks that you need to work hard to understand wikiquote and how it works. Concerns too raised on uncivil behaviors and local blocks on other wikimedia projects. Yet I assume good faith and hope you will try yr best here.

Hope this helps. Please do hit my talkpage if you are in any need. Thank you. --Tiven2240 (चर्चा) ०९:२७, ३ डिसेंबर २०१८ (UTC)

सदस्यांचा पाठींबा, मते, टिपण्णी (पाठींबा, मते, टिपण्णी इंग्रजीतून द्यावी, ही विनंती)[संपादन]
सदस्याचे नाव (Member) समर्थन (Support/Oppose) विचार (Comments)
-- Support/Oppose
सुबोध पाठक समर्थन क्वीर एको फेमिनिस्ट नावाने लिहीत असणार्‍या श्री सुरेश खोले यांचा कामाचा उत्साह आणि विविध प्रकारची योगदाने पाहता माझा त्यांच्या प्रचालक पदाच्या डावयास पाठिंबा आहे.
सुबोध पाठक (चर्चा) १५:२२, ८ डिसेंबर २०१८ (UTC):--|--]] Support
SuvarnaGokhale Support I support Suresh/suresh is studious person. He work hard for Marathi Wiki. Right now we need such person. So I strongly support him.
Pushkar Ekbote Support I support Suresh/QueerEcoFeminist for the post of Admin. He has academic capability to improve the Wikiquote.
सुबोध कुलकर्णी Support Marathi Wikiquote is the need of an hour. We have vast content in marathi. QueerEcoFeminist has good knowledge of Marathi literature. He is using his translation & referencing skills in Marathi Wikipedia. He is also good community mobiliser. I think, he can take the Wikiquote project forward. I am sure, he will learn the technical stuff needed in due course. I propose his name for adminship.
सदस्याचे नाव (Member) समर्थन (Support/Oppose) Suresh Khole is an active and knowledgable member from marathi wiki community and he will give justice to his work. My strong support to him for this post. [[User:--आर्या जोशी (चर्चा) ०९:५०, ९ डिसेंबर २०१८ (UTC)]] 'Support"
संदेश हिवाळे विरोध (Oppose) This user is not liable for administrative privilages as he is ignornat of how wikiquote works. It's just waste and security issue giving him admin privileges. संदेश हिवाळे (चर्चा) १५:५२, ९ डिसेंबर २०१८ (UTC) Oppose
Symbol oppose vote oversat.svg विरोध- As per my comments above, there is no need for this user rights for this wiki.. - Tiven2240
प्रसाद साळवे विरोध (Oppose) This user should baned on wiki.this is hopeless person. प्रसाद साळवे (चर्चा) २१:४५, ९ डिसेंबर २०१८ (UTC) Oppose
राजेंद्र प्रभुणे समर्थन (Support) Only work is important and he is workoholic on wiki.

हे सुद्धा पहा[संपादन]